Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Wednesday Weigh In!!

Well hello all!

Weigh in completed! I am now 24 stone 4.5lbs - lot 4.5lbs this week... got slimmer of the week, slimmer of the month and my silver body magic award!!

I've been stuffing my face full of food this week, and making slimming world quiches, so its going well.

thats all for now, will give you a big update when im not so tired!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Hello all!

Well it’s Wednesday and I’m updating so things must be going well!

I'm very proud to announce I got slimmer of the week this week!!! And I lost 3lbs, so I am now 24 stone 9... No longer am I 26stone or 25 stone something, I’m 24 something! So I’m really chuffed, and am taking everything at one stone at a time, hoping it won’t seem like such a long journey if I do that!!!

went swimming last night, and was pulling my tummy in a lot, feels like I’m getting control of my tummy muscle back now, and it didn’t feel like it was bouncing around when I was doing aqua fit, probably something no one else but me would notice, but it felt good.

So roll on next week I guess!

Much Love



Monday, 15 February 2010

so long has gone by!!

Hey everyone!

So long has gone by since I have checked in! It’s been nearly two weeks, and things have been manic! I’ve been going to the gym lots and swimming, which seems to be affecting my weight loss, it has really really been slow :o(

I’m at 24stone 12 at slimming world, so imp 1lb away from my stone certificate which I’m hoping I can get on Wednesday, but I’m concerned about the not losing weight since I started at the gym, so I will be speaking to my consultant on Wednesday to try and figure out what’s going on.

apart from that the gym is going well, I can cycle 12km in 30 mins now, which I’m really proud of, and I can row 900m in five minutes - which are all targets I’m looking to beat as I get fitter.

For now, I’m more focused on why I’m not losing as much weight, so if anyone has any ideas or pointed, it would really really be helpful!!!

Much Love



Tuesday, 2 February 2010

I Joined The Gym!!

That’s all I really wanted to say....!!! I joined the gym and had an hour workout, and I went to aqua fit and swimming today..... Woo, roll on weigh in tomorrow.....that’s all for now!

Much Love



Saturday, 30 January 2010

What a week!

Hello World!

So it’s Saturday and what a busy week I’ve had, didn’t even get to update on Wednesday!

I went to aqua fit Tuesday, all by myself ill have you know, and I’m unbelievably proud of myself, so much so, I am joining the gym tomorrow!

Wednesday weigh in was good, I weighed in at 25stone 1lb, bit disappointed, but it is my period week, so I’ll let myself off a bit I think.

Went out with friends last night to a Mexican restaurant and tried so hard to be good, but the drink flowed and so did the food, so I’ll be back at the pool tomorrow to try and make up for it, on the plus side I’m weighing in at 24stone 13lb at home, so really really proud I’ve got under the first stone, just going to keep focussed on losing a stone at a time and I will get there.

I took a really big step and told a couple of people that I work with that I’m doing slimming world, so there is really no turning back now!

having a lazy day today and will go shopping tomorrow, no clothes though, waiting till I’m down a couple of dress sizes, soon I hope, but I’m going to treat myself to some nice jewellery and make up :o)

I didn’t win slimmer of the week, the winner lost 5lb, but I’m please to say that was my mum, so a big shout out to say I’m so proud of her!

Speak soon.

Much Love



Monday, 25 January 2010

Monday Madness!

Hey Guys,

Well this last week’s been a bit manic so I’ve not had much time to blog, so you all know Wednesdays weigh in went great, and the week has continued just as well but today I'm STARVING!!!!

I went swimming Saturday morning and managed 72 lengths of the diving pit!!! So I'm really proud of that... just looking forward to another weigh in to see what’s happening now.

On my scales at home I’m now 25st 1lb so 13lbs gone in total, but I’d rather wait and see what Wednesday brings. I'm on my * week - so I think that means my weight loss will slow this week, but no one can understand how bad I want that slimmer of the week certificate!!!!!

This is it for now, where I’m not eating all that biscuit, chocolaty, crispy goodness, I’m tired!!!

Wish me luck for aqua fit tomorrow and weigh in Wednesday!

Much Love



Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Wednesday Weigh In!

Soooo its Wednesday evening and my weekly weigh in!

Group was really good and I’ve lost 7lbs since last Wednesday - so that’s 10lb since I’ve started!

I’m only going to update my weight on a Wednesday now, as weighing on a Sunday morning then Wednesday evening is a bit pants!!

So 10lb down, I can feel my trousers are a bit looser and I feel more awake! :)

I got my 1/2 stone award at slimming world which is great as I’ve only been there one week! I couldn’t be slimmer of the week as it’s my first one, but I lost the most so 'technically' I was - I just didn’t get the certificate! But there is always next week!

I’m glad I can see what I’m doing is working and if I can do the same next week that’s 1 stone down and 14 left!!! eeeek!

I went to aqua fit last night and swam afterwards, and going swimming Saturday morning... there is no stopping me now!

That’s it for now... I’m tired... will blog again soon

Much Love